Vic Park Tuesday
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Author:  blameless [ Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Vic Park Tuesday

Seeing as it always rains on Thursdays (and looks set to do the same again this week) I'll bring the lights up for a sesh tomorrow night (Tues) if anyone's keen.

Let me know,

Author:  crustysalmon [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:23 am ]
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Im in.

Ususal 7pm ish start i presume ?

Author:  blameless [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:31 pm ]
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I'll try and get there a little earlier if poss.

Looking forward to it, haven't skate there for ages.

Author:  bowlscum [ Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:00 am ]
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Seems to be a bit if interest in shifting the Vic Park session to a Tuesday permanently. I know that's better for a couple of you.


Makes no difference to me.

Author:  blameless [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:08 pm ]
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ok seems like the vote is for Tuesday nights from now on, mainly because it rains every f*ckin Thursday!

I'll bring the lights up tomorrow and we'll get amongst it. :evil:

Author:  bowlscum [ Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:56 am ]
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Can't make it to VP tonight, I'm down at Boyanup :)

All back to normal next week.

Author:  crustysalmon [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:15 pm ]
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Any chance of a VP night session this Tuesday ????? Please ?

Author:  blameless [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:05 am ]
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Sure, happy to bring the stuff up if a few people are keen?

Author:  blameless [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:08 pm ]
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looks like everyone's busy so it's not on.

Author:  hotslide [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:23 pm ]
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Yeh T, I'm still thrashed from the weekend. That pools a life-eater!

Looks like you guys had fun at southlakes tho, eh?

Author:  Longboard [ Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:53 pm ]
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tony we need to get the VP sesh back like it used to be when eimaj was here i miss those days

what about friday nights? tues dont seem to work for anyone.... but me :lol:
it was so cool having heaps of ppl there all the time, skating or not it was fun :lol:

Author:  blameless [ Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:34 am ]
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we need to get the VP sesh back like it used to be when eimaj was here i miss those days

Same here mate, they were good sessions. It does seem that everyone is struggling a bit with Tuesdays. Friday's seem to be Subi night now so I'm not sure if that would work. I'm pretty happy to do any night so if anyone's got any suggestions just shout.

Thursday's still a no go for you Dan?

Author:  bowlscum [ Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:10 am ]
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Anyone fancy a vic park session tomorrow night? (Tuesday)

Been a long time since we lit her up!

Author:  crustysalmon [ Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:55 pm ]
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I am in for a Tuesday session.......anyone else ?

I can get there from 6.30/7 onwards.

Author:  hotslide [ Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:48 am ]
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I'm out. Prior appointment at the fear factory, I'm afraid. Very afraid.

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