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Bondi Bowlarama 2010
Bondi bowlarama

If you get a chance to catch Bowlarama it's well worth the trip. Photos of the sickest skating I've ever witnessed are here

Falcon session
Falcon skatepark

Some sick photos of a Falcon skatepark session courtesy of Nick Burkett

Night of the Living Dead
Night of the living dead

The scums final session of 2009 at Tortoise pool

Beers bowls 'n barbies 3 - Boyanup 2009
Boyanup bowl

Photos courtesy of Damien Smith photography

Shed session
Scum shed session

The shed get's destroyed by some Rocko crew

Claremont sessions
Claremont bowl session

It's old & it's rough but still worth a visit if you're in the area.

Behemoth sessions
backyard full pipe

Only Donply and the crew would be crazy enough to build a backyard full pipe and then loop the fucker. The scum were lucky enough to roll the behemoth at various times. Photos courtesy of Damien Smith

Good Friday Massacre
SL bowl session

A few cheap 'n nasty pics from the Good Friday barge

Pool sessions
clean up crew

The scum like their pools empty! Various WA pool sessions are in here.

Bondi bowlarama
Benji Galloway at Bondi

Blameless headed East to check out the Bondi Bowlarama.

WA history
This is where you'll find all the old ramps, skate spots and general WA & Australian skate history. Courtesy of OnlyTheStrong & Beezerbub.
Vic Park sessions
Vic Park bowl sessions

Perth's biggest bowl and where you'll usually find the scum on a Thursday night.

Noble Jess gallery
Some pics from the Margeret River crew.
Subi Sessions
hotslide frontside transfer

Subi sessions

Worst of the Scum
Zig Zag - Carving Girra

An archive of the previous front page pics of the week


Boyanup sessions

Undoubtedly one of the finest bowls in W.A and home to the annual Bowls, Beers & Barbies throwdown. Pics are in here

Girrrawheen sessions
Shanas - hip destroyer

The copings worked but Girra still makes for a good seesion.

Hill Bombing & Ditches
Scottee - high speed hill

High speed means commit or die. Hill sessions & ditch pics here.

Ramp sessions

Midland, Kalamunda, Bayswater, Zonta's ramp..sessions here.

Eli Smiths Gallery
Daz at Vic Park bowl
Random WA spots including Kinross & Boyanup
Shredding at the shed

Some pics from the shed sessions. Home made ramps still kick ass!

Longboard rock n roll
Another place we don't skate as much as we should but it's always good to hit up if you're in the area.
click for pics
Take a broom if you're going and look out for the ultra tight trannie in the shallow end.


Albany snake run
click for pics
Just a couple of photos of one of WA's most historic skate parks. The legendary Albany 'skate track' if you've not skated it then get your ass down there while it's still there!
3 bowls a day
Melbs bowl shredding. Check out the cradle and the size of Frankston!


Perth, WA bowl and pool skaters