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While you're here check out these other cool sites. If you've got any sites you want linked on here or you find any broken links please send them to - Skate bags, shorts etc from the good folks at DH - Sick US grassroots skate mag. - US based old school skate stuff - Cool WA based skate/art zine - Aussie based online skate shop - Online Aussie skate shop - WA based skate photographer Luke Thompson - Makers of great bearings and sponsors of the 08 bowl jam - no explanation needed! - Support Aussie wood - loads of great bowl footage - old school skateboarders from Europe, USA & Australia - Nothing but pools. US based. - Old school skaters - big Australian contingent - US based bowl skaters - East Coast Australian older skaters - Everything Australian skate related - excellent park finder.


Perth, WA bowl and pool skaters