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Thanks to everyone that's contributed photos. If anyone has any WA or Aussie history to add mail them to (Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Bones Brigade Perth
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk Ken Vidlers Ramp Perth 1987 or 88? Photos courtesy of Houst.
Maddington Skatepark
Maddington Skatepark '87 after Roslie Pk ramp closed.Mike Rule at Maddington. ASA man Nick Helfritch and a grommie look on. Photos courtesy of Only the Strong.
Edge skatepark
The Edge Skate Park in Fremantle from early'89 til early '90s. Mike R hunts for the old Edge skatepark..all that remains (above) Photos courtesy of Only the Strong.
Skate City skatepark
Original Perth skate spot. Level 2 skateboarding, level 3 rollerskating. Closed 1987
Eimaj at Maddo
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From left to right: El Caballo Green Fiberglass 1/2 pipe from Roslie Pk Ramp went to the hills in '88 then to Westrack in Balcatta. Snake pit and Public domain flyers from Melbourne Oct '88 circa ramp Riot 2. Photos courtesy of Only the Strong.
Atlantis pool
Photos courtesy of Kim
Mid nineties near Hay Street. Photos courtesy of Kim
Bunbury 1989. Photos courtesy of Kim
Slicks skate zine
A slice of Melbs history. Australia's first skate mag? Scans courtesy of Damien
Butcher pool
Buthcer pool
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Oban Road pool
s rampShayne'
Photos courtesy of Kim


Perth, WA bowl and pool skaters