King of Concrete Busselton 2018 - Props to Soggybones, Shredability and City of Busselton for supporting WA skateboarding.

Brendon Cross holding it down under angry skies.

King of Concrete 2018

Golden Bay - Byron Grace
Byron G - Back D at the Bay.

Tortoise Pool, Perth
Jon Rule - Night of the Living Dead session at Tortoise pool

Roco tweaked at Bayswater
Sunday sesh - Rocco at Bayswater

WA Bowlscum Facebook

This is an archive of the WA bowl & pool skating scene from 2006-2010. Join us on Facebook for sessions and currrent skate news here!

Vic park bowl skating
Thursday night bowl sessions

Click for full pipe loop video
Hotslide makes history..full loop in a backyard behemoth

Click for Vic park bowl webcam
Check out the Vic Park bowl webcam to see what's going on. User name & password are guest

wa bowl scum
Long before shoe sponsors, video games, big bucks & the X games there were geeks, freaks, mistfits & nomads roaming the streets in search of the concrete wave

They were 100% skaters, scarred for life....they were bowl scum.

Cheers to everyone that contributed over the last few years...
the scum have left the building. Contact


scum shed ramps
Scum shed.

Perth, WA bowl and pool skaters